The fashion with medical spa spread in the late 1800s from the continent to Norway - especially to areas surronding the Oslofjord - Hvaler, Hankø, Holmestrand,Larvik, Eidanger and Langesund. According to the newspaper "Varden" Langesund Bad was "one of the most famous bathing establishments in Norway".
Pharmacies Fred Hegge took in 1897 an initiative to establish the company "Langesunds Bad" and had in 1898 it was built a resturant and three bathhouses. Architect Haldor Larsen Børve, who had designed Dalen Hotell, was hired to design the resturant and it became a gathering place for a social elite from Kristiania (now known as Oslo). Many guests also came from the local areas as Porsgrunn and Skien.
Guests came by steamship and railway and was transported by horse carriage to Langesunds Bad. Here it was gradually built both the hotel and a main building with dining room, lounges and a ballroom. Artists and mussicians from Kristiania and entertained. There were readings and concerts in both the ballroom and a dedicated music pavilion at the entrance to the park.
In the bathing houses there were offered treatment with mud, pine, seaweed, jellyfish, caustic soda and salt, and one could get both hot and cold baths. The staff was educated at Sandefjords Bad and a bath costed 4,50 NOK with staff service, 1,50 NOK without staff service. A cold bath in a bathtub costed 0,40 NOKand a pine bathcosted 1,50 NOK. It is said that Henrik Ibsen was a frequent guest at several spa establishments and he may also have visited Langesunds Bad in his own home county.
The combination of bath, health and wellness along with good food, good music and an important social life was a success factor at Langesunds Bad. Fred Hegge put traces in the city, not only as a pharmacist, but as a major innovator. He sold Langesunds Bad to Isak Seveland in 1917. He built Societeten, the main building and saw that it burned to the ground January 31 in 1926, in connection with the end of a dance school. About midsummer 1926 the new Societene was finished and it is also the main buildning at the current Langesund Bad.
Langesund Bad opened, founded by chemist Fred Hegge.

Langesund Bad was expanded with the building "Societeten", which contained reception rooms and kitchen.

In January burned "Societeten" all the way down. Already after 4.5 months of construction were present building in place! Just in time to this year's bathing season.

In December, all the buildings down by the sea hit by a large wave that destroyed everything. An eyewitness who was then a boy of 8 years, has described how the wave lifted the buildings up on shore, before the water receded.
This happened just 2 months after the stock market crash in New York, and the owner couldn't afford to rebuild the bathing houses.

Langesund Bad is occupied by German soldiers, and was used for accommodation for various departments from the German army and navy.

The Norwegian Baptist Society takes over Langesund Bad, which then was operated as a summer hotel and camping.

Churches in the Norwegian Baptist Union takes over the operation, and it is mainly driven as camp and gathering place.

Lars Rise buys Langesund Bad. A significant renovation process will be implemented, and Langesund Bad now offers beautiful surroundings for both business, course and hotel guests.

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